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Posi, he's just this guy, ya know.

Positronic Cat (Mark Balliet)
27 December
What I'm doing now
  • Work (finally) in software Development (same place I was tech support)
  • I'm a geek. I always seem to have many pots on the stove, I am a Jack of MANY trades, of those I dabble in, here are those that are more prevalent:
    • Computers - building, programming, websites, being online, etc)
    • Geo-tracking - I wrote and run the IFPL (Internet Furry Proximity Locator) website.
    • Writing - sci-fi, fantasy, NaNoWriMo participant
    • Electronics - Circuit bending, small projects, computer interfacing
My Google Voice
My gift Wishlist (for those curious)
My Furry Code : FFDcp2amr A- C++ D H++ M++ P R+ T++ W Z Sm+ RLCT a+ cl++++$ d+ e++ f++ h+++ iwm+++ j+ p+ sm*