Positronic Cat (Mark Balliet) (posicat) wrote,
Positronic Cat (Mark Balliet)

from Mark Balliet's Facebook

Has anyone else seen AXL Movie? I really enjoyed the movie, even thought it's meant for a younger audience clearly. I also saw a significant number of references that seemed to tie back to movies such as Short Circuit, Terminator, Electric Dreams, and I think even more than those 3. I'll have to re-watch it to see if I find more now that I realize I'm looking for them. I mean, the main character is Miles (not Moles saddly) and his ... interest ... is Sara. Is Fontaine a reference to Eliminators? It would fit too. It seems like it might have been rushed through production a bit, it seems like a few parts of the plot rely on guessing what might have happened in moments prior. I know I don't mind that kind of thing, reading between the lines. But the people who like movies spoon fed to them probably didn't enjoy that.
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