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I thought I'd add this future post, so it will always be at the top of my list as I've seen several people do. Feel free to use this as a place to send me general comments not related to my other posts posts, or request that I post some kind of information.  Also, now I'm adding links people may want to be able to reference quickly.

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from Mark Balliet's Facebook

Hey Amazon.com, friend bought a chrome book via credit card, it was broken, returned it, the rep they talked to refunded the purchase to an Amazon Gift card so a new one could be ordered without waiting for the refund to process on the card. Second chrome book had problems as well, and a return was initiated. Now they're being told they can't get the money back because it was purchased from a gift card, except it wasn't, it was purchased via credit card, the rep said the gift card was so that the purchase could be made immediately instead of waiting for the refund. Who would I talk to when I get home to get this resolved?