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29th-Jun-2030 12:45 pm - Future Post
I thought I'd add this future post, so it will always be at the top of my list as I've seen several people do. Feel free to use this as a place to send me general comments not related to my other posts posts, or request that I post some kind of information.  Also, now I'm adding links people may want to be able to reference quickly.

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2nd-Dec-2016 02:30 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Anyone I know here live around Long Beach CA? Going to be out there next August.
29th-Nov-2016 09:36 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Car took the hit, I'm fine. So done with 2016.
28th-Nov-2016 06:56 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
First Christmas tree I've had up in many years (Micah's favorite sport is climbing) not decorating it to see how long it stays standing, and if I need to implement some kind of support to keep it upright all season.
23rd-Nov-2016 10:35 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Done at the hospital, antibiotics acquired. It's kind of a pain, not much happens when I go in, but the antibiotic that works apparently doesn't absorb through the intestines, so it's IV only.
21st-Nov-2016 09:07 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Don't drink a whole Pepsi and a large sweet tea on the way to the emergency room. It make them worry :p
21st-Nov-2016 03:07 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
In for the night, just because Vancomycin can only be given via IV. The usual, nothing odd.
21st-Nov-2016 11:53 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Yay, cellulitis again, caught it early. Waiting to be seen at the ER.
19th-Nov-2016 03:02 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Made it here, see you in the water!
19th-Nov-2016 12:01 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
So, I ordered something from an online company that will remain nameless. I get the usual shipping/tracking/delivered emails. Open the box, instead of one of the items I'd ordered (at about $25 each) they had sent me a box containing 6 of them. So, I emailed them (a friend verified I was clear) that I had gotten too many. They replied "Sorry you didn't get your item, we'll send it ASAP." I replied back that I had indeed gotten my item, and 5 extra. They said to just keep it, donate it, whatever. And I got a tracking number for one more in the mail. So, yeah, that happened.
14th-Nov-2016 05:19 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I'm going to try to get a room night for Saturday/Sunday this weekend. That should give me 4 pool passes, if you'd like one of the remaining 3 passes, you'd just need to pay your share of the room-night or approximately $35. Let me know if you're interested (must be capable of being an adult)
12th-Nov-2016 11:24 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Micah snuck out today for about 3 hours. I didn't chase him because then he'll stay out longer, because it's a game. I watched him wander around the neighbors yard, the no-mans land under the power polls, then the other neighbors yard, heard him get into a cat fight with some other cat, and also get chased by a dog. Then he wandered across the street into the other neighbors yard. I smelled skunk a bit later. Finally after he was satisfied with his walkabout, he came to me when I went out to check on him 2 hours later. Not a scratch, not smelling like skunk, just fluffy and VERY cuddly. Not sure what to think.
9th-Nov-2016 10:05 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Quite a lot of good and bad in last night's election, a bit more of a game changer than expected. Here are a few takeaways. Don't like the outcome, we have 4 years to get ready for the next chance, we must do better than to put up two polar opposite candidates, we must have candidates that not only represent their own "side" but embrace and understand the needs of the other side. It's been proven that behaviors of youth are not deciding factors in an election. Smoke pot? Divorced? Been arrested for being drunk? Have a relationship uncommon to general society? Cosplay, Fursuit, etc ... you no longer have an excuse that "Oh, now I can never run for office." Go out there and take advantage of that, all us weird and unusual folks, the doors aren't locked anymore, stick your paw under the door and grab what's on the other side. Quite a lot has been revealed about our fellow Americans, for good or ill, we now understand more about each other, and what's important. Don't make rash decisions on what that means from your personal world view, that's what made this election such a surprise. Find people you disagree with, who voted other than you did, and find out why .... I would tend to believe that people were more likely to vote out of ignorance of the importance of things, than active ill intent for specific groups of people. Sure there's hate, but I think the enemy is lack of perspective, lack of understanding, and a focus on what pains people feel personally, rather than as a society. Teach them, explain to them, and help them grow, that may mean putting up with them while they learn, while they still hold beliefs counter to our own. Ignorance is darkness, it doesn't go away by putting a blanket over it, and ignoring it, open the curtains and talk to people about what you see in the light, and why it matters.
8th-Nov-2016 06:29 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
As I drove into the parking lot, Dare by Stan Bush came on Pandora.
3rd-Nov-2016 07:40 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Who wants to join me for goat curry?
31st-Oct-2016 07:10 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Longer screws and it now holds lids as well.
30th-Oct-2016 12:52 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Tonight's project. Wanted space to hang my pans. Ended up using 100% recycled plastic-board, and love it!
13th-Oct-2016 01:46 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Picking the cloud-brain here for a moment. I'm looking for some Android Tablets from the 3.x-4.x era that charge from 5V. I want to set some up in my house as access terminals to the home automation system (thus the old tablets which should be $10-20 on Ebay. Anyone know of any that use 5V to charge, it's a hard piece of information to find online.
12th-Oct-2016 10:03 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
No changes
11th-Oct-2016 05:04 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Did a bit of reorganizing when I got home tonight after finding I needed things in place before bringing more boxes upstairs.
6th-Oct-2016 10:56 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I usually round up to the nearest number .... two-fer, easier math, better tip.
30th-Sep-2016 03:11 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I started using these guys for Dynamic DNS in dialup days, and eventually registered my domain with them years ago. I've never had any problems, just excellent service.
25th-Sep-2016 03:40 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Christopher Allen
21st-Sep-2016 08:19 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I know what movie I'm going to go see opening night, who's in?
20th-Sep-2016 08:04 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Zog like fire! Make meat hot! Good!
19th-Sep-2016 10:30 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
The more times I deglaze a pan, the more convinced I am that someone invented it to make their dish washing easier and it accidentally tasted good.
16th-Sep-2016 12:16 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Christopher Allen
13th-Sep-2016 03:01 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I let this happen way too much on weekends. Weekdays my alarm tells me to go to bed.
12th-Sep-2016 09:41 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Someone asked me if someone from Mars could turn my lights on and off. Which got me thinking, is the NASA Deep Space Network equipment able to send commands directly to a terrestrial IP address? If so, then yeah, I could give them a password to have them send me data directly from Mars, including commands to turn my lights on and off at home.
10th-Sep-2016 07:06 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
So with my Minecraft, Factorio and Netflix being my primary "heavy graphics use" tasks I find my machine now having dual GTX960's by some quirk of fate (Friends upgrading their machines). What on earth do I do with this kind of power? What games can utilize this?
2nd-Sep-2016 07:15 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know of somewhere that's getting rid of server racks, or selling them cheap?
1st-Sep-2016 07:09 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Great chance to get eBooks of one of the best series I've ever read. The series is by by Diane Duane. Well worth reading, or sharing with someone (adult or child). My copy's been read many times through.
31st-Aug-2016 11:49 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Turned in the keys today, and instead of a tour of the apartment, I heard magic words "After 15 years, it's all normal wear" ... we'll see if I get the deposit back, but I did my best by mudding the nail holes and major dings.
30th-Aug-2016 11:11 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Apartment is empty, it is over.
29th-Aug-2016 02:23 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
This is the most beautiful representation of the 80's I have ever, seen.
28th-Aug-2016 04:36 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
All of the boxes, and furniture are moved from the Apartment, attic is empty, grill is moved. There's a lot of little fiddly bits to go and a rug and a few last things in the fridge and pantry to pack. I have 3 days, and I'm in a bit of a panic trying to figure out how I'm going to get it all done. If anyone's got any time Tonight, Monday or Tuesday who might be able to help out, please let me know, thanks! Also thanks the the small hoard of you who have already helped, I am eternally grateful!
27th-Aug-2016 12:36 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Just finished running cat6 between my server and my computer room (opposite ends of the building) The garage ceiling looks like it's been eaten by large mice, but the wire works great.
15th-Aug-2016 05:30 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Ok, whatever deity has decide to pick on my mom's household tech, it's personal now. She doesn't deserve to have to replace a washer, dryer, hot water heater, AND furnace in the same month. Please see me (and the cat) outside by the bicycle rack, because we're going to have this out.
14th-Aug-2016 12:30 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Finally a maker-box, time to sign up!
13th-Aug-2016 02:49 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Time for a really warm shower and a bottle of Crystal Pepsi, ice cold..
4th-Aug-2016 03:15 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Why cant I own things with regular parts? I mean, it would be great to go to the hardware store with a bad valve and them have parts for it. Maybe I can turn my water back on soon.
29th-Jul-2016 10:39 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Yeah, I could see that
28th-Jul-2016 12:18 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I don't know if folks are aware of Bring Me That, it's like GrubHub but they have a lot more restaurants because they call the order in directly to the restaurant. I've had really good luck with them. http://ift.tt/2azaCoC - Use code f15ce9 and both of us will save $2. Not advertising them because of that though, I'm sharing because I really like them, and don't know if other people know about their service.
28th-Jul-2016 11:34 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Anyone know any reputable electricians who service Round Lake Beach? I need to add a 240v outlet for my dryer, and a 20a plug for my UPS.
26th-Jul-2016 10:19 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
There's the wire! Let there be Internet!!!
26th-Jul-2016 10:13 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Oh now I see my problem I forgot to hook up the invisible wire
26th-Jul-2016 10:09 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Gah, the one cable jack I want to use, is disconnected, and I can't figure out where.... there WILL be internet tonight one way or another
26th-Jul-2016 02:28 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I see all these kids sneaking around the neighborhood at 9 and 10 at night, they're easy to see, their shirts are lit up by the phones they're playing Pokemon on. I feel like driving by and high-fiving all of them.
26th-Jul-2016 09:35 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Anyone free on Saturday morning to help me load a bedroom set into a Uhaul, getting one passed on to me.
25th-Jul-2016 01:02 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I wish my neighbor paid for faster internet, or maybe they're just too far away.
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