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29th-Jun-2030 12:45 pm - Future Post
I thought I'd add this future post, so it will always be at the top of my list as I've seen several people do. Feel free to use this as a place to send me general comments not related to my other posts posts, or request that I post some kind of information.  Also, now I'm adding links people may want to be able to reference quickly.

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21st-Feb-2017 12:59 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Convention this weekend, so of course I get a cold now. Fortunately it's a quick one judging by the people who have already had it.
19th-Feb-2017 12:57 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I think I figured out the weird networking issue I had. When I setup DHCP years ago, I allocated a range of for guest addresses. I think I've exceeded 15 wireless devices on my LAN, just bumped the number up to 50. Basically it's all these internet connected devices, tablets, phones, thermostats, Roku, TVs, Xboxen, Raspberry Pi, etc each grabs an address and only my main devices have static addresses assigned.
18th-Feb-2017 09:09 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
My 3D printer setup currently. Got a new Flexion HT extruder and Fleks3D printbed, and an assortment of filaments.
16th-Feb-2017 01:27 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I saw this filament .... I need this filament http://ift.tt/1sViU6I
14th-Feb-2017 04:42 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I think computers just act deterministic to sucker us in until that one day when they "malfunction" and get to laugh to themselves watching us run ourselves ragged trying to figure out why they won't just do what we tell them to do.
11th-Feb-2017 01:10 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Some of you in the past have asked where I got my trench coat. These are the amazing people who made it for me and it appears they once again have it on their page to order.
8th-Feb-2017 03:57 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Woah, it looks like Key Lime Cove in Gurnee might be getting sold to Great Wolf Lodge. This could be exciting!
4th-Feb-2017 01:05 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I just looked at my desktop's load average in Linux : 35.13, 34.91, 34.69 ... then realized that's not horribly loaded down for the hardware I have. I remember seeing 2.1,2.0,2,3 and thinking "What the heck is eating all that CPU time" now 35 is just "meh"
3rd-Feb-2017 12:51 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Carl Johnson this is the story I was telling you about. I was in the audience when this was recorded, fyi.
1st-Feb-2017 09:55 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Cluster One by Pink Floyd on a pair of Monsoon Ribbon speakers is pure ambient ecxtasy.
31st-Jan-2017 05:11 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I'm waiting to see what Trump's game is, he riled us up for some reason, what horror is he trying to use our fears to sneak under our noses?
30th-Jan-2017 04:02 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Ok, that's enough .... I no longer hate Starbucks anymore, they've redeemed themselves. Who wants to go get some treats after work, they bought my favorite tea company, so it should be all good!
26th-Jan-2017 10:34 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Upgrade complete
26th-Jan-2017 05:35 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
24th-Jan-2017 10:03 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
It would be hilarious if Anonymous hacked public park Twitter accounts to tweet global warming facts.
23rd-Jan-2017 11:56 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Been playing with a 3D printer (http://ift.tt/1TcLTBO) I bought from a friend, got a spool of HatchBox PLA and have been learning how to get the material to adhere properly to the base. so far I've managed to print a 3D case for an Arduino that needed some heat-gun love, and a keychain, everything else has unstuck and gotten ruined. Last print turned out ok though, so I think I maybe have the level adjusted correctly now.
20th-Jan-2017 06:48 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Sharing for the message and because he's one of my favorite authors. (And for the awesome mutton chops!)
19th-Jan-2017 12:35 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
People who owned the house before me painted over EVERY single door weatherstrip, rendering them useless. I'm getting them all replaced slowly but surely.
9th-Jan-2017 10:40 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Did I miss a memo, is helping others no longer one of the things a "Good" Christian is supposed to do? Why are so many opposed to helping others?
5th-Jan-2017 02:47 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
This looks like fun!
3rd-Jan-2017 11:15 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Well, ok, that's kind of unexpected and .... geez, I was JUST THERE this year and we missed each other.
1st-Jan-2017 12:38 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Happy New Years, may it be an amazing year for everyone!
31st-Dec-2016 02:35 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Well OK, that's not bad...
30th-Dec-2016 01:10 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
I can see that in some kind of twisted way.
28th-Dec-2016 03:32 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Maybe all our hero's are dying because, very soon we need to become the hero, not rely on past heroes.
25th-Dec-2016 11:29 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Christmas Day Eve tradition
24th-Dec-2016 12:39 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Yay, two days of being overheated most of the day. Or as I call it "It's still shorts weather, why am I wearing pants?"
24th-Dec-2016 12:23 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
So sitting here at home, I listen to cabinet doors opening and closing, and weird thumping noises. If I hadn't walked in on Micah and Soapy wandering in and out of kitchen cabinets I'd be certain this place was haunted, or someone else was here. Cats!
22nd-Dec-2016 12:35 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Mayonnaise on Reese's peanut butter cups is sooo good!
21st-Dec-2016 10:13 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Recent dealings with Sears have given me an idea of why the company is not doing well. Went to order a compressor, took them quite a while to determine if one was actually in or not. Finally decided it wasn't in, and started filling out an online order for it. They use the same order form as the general public. Told us it was free shipping, so we decided to have it shipped instead of pickup. Price was $70 higher, asked them to double check, shipping was $70. Decided instead to get it for pickup. Webpage had no usable status for "product shipping","product has arrived" etc. So in the case a call was missed, I would have no idea if it arrived or not on my own. I eventually did get an email about 7pm last night when I was in the Sears parking lot checking on the delivery. Only at the point the email arrived did they notify me that the original purchase credit card needed to be there (it's a gift from my dad, and we were told I could pick it up alone). Dad comes over with his card. Pickup machine's card-swipe is broken, have to type in the number. Dude with cart arrives within 5 minutes with the compressor. I remark "It's big, good thing I brought a minivan". At this point we're informed it must be shipped upright, which won't fit into my van, and it's suggested we rent a vehicle from Menards or Home Depot. I'll figure that out Monday. The problem isn't the sales people's attitude, everyone I talked to was friendly, and trying to be helpful. They just lacked training, information and a competent management system to give them information that the customer needs for the entirety of the transaction. 1) They should know quickly if a product is in or not, Sears is a catalog showroom, inventory is their game. 2) They should be able to see if shipping is free or not easily. 3) They should have an employee facing page with override ability, and more detailed information. 4) Someone should have known (lack of information) along the way to tell me I couldn't pick it up in a normal vehicle. 5) The pickup computer should be maintained better. 6))Someone should have told us pickup was on the other side of the store 7) Someone should have known we needed the credit card to pick it up, we were assured I could pick it up alone from the receipt.
20th-Dec-2016 10:47 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Yep, that's about the truth of it. Anyone wanna go out for Pho, there's a great place in Libertyville?
18th-Dec-2016 11:26 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Good project for a cold night, working on my Neopixel controllers. I designed and had a company make some PCBs for me to use as mini controllers for Neopixel (WS2812) LED strips. The board is about the size of a quarter, and will eventually accept I2C commands as well and act as sort of a coprocessor for these strands. There are also 2 analog ports left available for sensors of some kind. In the pictures : #1 - ATTiny85 plugged into an Arduino programming board, this is how the chip is programmed. #2,3,4 a through-hole ATTiny85 directly controlling the strip from one of my PCBs. #5,6 closeup of the PCB. #7 is the newest version of the board with a surface mount ATTiny85 on it, this is the final form factor I'm going for with the idea that the PCB can be soldered directly to the strip (or connected via socket) and will be very low-profile for inclusion into thin projects like costume work. This is revision 4 of the board, I've made mistakes on each previous run in some way or another, it's not fun wasting $40-60 each time to find out it doesn't work, but that's how circuit design goes.
18th-Dec-2016 04:24 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
So, looking over the service history of my Sienna, I see that almost a year ago, a dealership installed a Viper Remote Start and a new battery. Must investigate.
17th-Dec-2016 02:32 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Part 2 of getting the minivan. When do I ever do it the simple way.
17th-Dec-2016 12:31 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Getting a minivan.
16th-Dec-2016 07:54 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Snow blowers aren't all self-propelled .... imagine my surprise.
16th-Dec-2016 07:39 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Tomorrow is car shopping day, with any luck they'll have something I want on the lot (I have my loan approved), if not they'll have it sent from one of their other stores. CarMax rocks!
15th-Dec-2016 11:48 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Well that's done, part 1/2 of "Make the humidifier work with my Nest". What was part 1? It was "un-do the screwed up installation of the humidifier. The humidifier had been installed so that the cord was wired directly into the heater motor. But with so little slack, there was no way to remove the door. I unhooked the wires and added a box with a plug to the outside of the heater hooked to the motor. I then put a plug on the end of the humidifier cord and plugged it in. Now I can get the cover of the humidifier off. Looking at the humidifier wick I can well believe it may have been in there since 2008 when the humidifier was made in the factory. It now has a new wick, the fan still works well. I'm hoping I can get humidity in here above 22% now.
15th-Dec-2016 01:34 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Everyone in the area safe and warm? I have plenty of crash space if not.
14th-Dec-2016 10:28 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
WHEELING, IL, US 12/14/2016 10:21 A.M. Delivered Now my insurance can process the form, and send a check to my bank so I can get a new car. This process is stupid slow.
14th-Dec-2016 09:31 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
UPS why did my overnight package from Mundelein IL to Wheeling IL get delayed in Louisville, KY due to weather for a day?
14th-Dec-2016 03:28 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
This is a terrifying amount of power for $42 .... 2 of each processor, each is 2.3ghz and has 16 cores .... I need to upgrade my server, for less than $50 I can have 32 cores.
7th-Dec-2016 07:34 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
It's official, my car's getting totaled. Now I get to figure out a new car to drive. I think it's time to nestle back into Minivanland.
7th-Dec-2016 01:39 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Oh no! I've know Quasi for years, we'd often both respond when someone yelled our names because they sounded so similar. Rest in peace friend! As the old joke goes, looks like you're up to bat tonight.
2nd-Dec-2016 02:30 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Anyone I know here live around Long Beach CA? Going to be out there next August.
29th-Nov-2016 09:36 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Car took the hit, I'm fine. So done with 2016.
28th-Nov-2016 06:56 pm - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
First Christmas tree I've had up in many years (Micah's favorite sport is climbing) not decorating it to see how long it stays standing, and if I need to implement some kind of support to keep it upright all season.
23rd-Nov-2016 10:35 am - from Mark Balliet's Facebook
Done at the hospital, antibiotics acquired. It's kind of a pain, not much happens when I go in, but the antibiotic that works apparently doesn't absorb through the intestines, so it's IV only.
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